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Top 17 Tips for Renting a House

Lately, the housing market has been so hot that it’s difficult for many people to find a home they can afford. Renting a house is an option if you’re not quite ready to buy one because renting means you don’t have to worry about repairs and upkeep like lawn care and painting, but there are some things to consider before making this big decision. For example, if you want a good start, Oglasi nekretnine could be a brilliant choice. But before signing any lease agreement or putting down money on rent, here are 17 tips for renting a house!

1) Get references from current renters, ask their landlord how long they’ve lived there and whether they were good tenants.

2) Make sure your credit score is in good shape: landlords often check your credit report as part of the application process; make sure you check your credit report so you can address any errors or issues before renting.

3) Be prepared to pay rent in advance: landlords prefer to receive the first month, last month and deposit all at once; if this is not an option for you, make sure you can come up with the money to cover these expenses when they are due.

4) Do your research: know what homes are currently on the market fit into your budget; knowing what is available will help you work better with your agent and determine how much a deposit should be paid upfront.

5) Get renter’s insurance to protect yourself against hazards like theft and damage; most homeowner policies (the kind you need to buy if you own a home) do not cover contents inside your rental.

6) If you plan on purchasing a home in the future, save up for a down payment.
Owning a home is not cheap, but it can be more affordable than renting one; if you’re able to make monthly payments towards a down payment, buying one will go much more smoothly (you may also get better rates on your mortgage).

7) Be responsible about paying rent on time: if you miss several rent payments, landlords don’t want to work with you; ask them early on what their policy is so you know whether or not extending your stay longer term is an option.

8) Take care of repairs when needed. Even though it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure the home is in good working order, they do not want to go over there all the time. When there’s a problem (such as your air conditioner or dishwasher stop working), notify them immediately so it can be fixed.

9) Don’t break the lease. If you need to move back home with mom and dad for a little while longer than expected, don’t give up on renting; talk with your landlord about an extension of the lease period so that you’re able to get back into the house in six months or so when things are better financially.

10) Get renter’s insurance. Even if you just rent for one year before deciding to buy, getting renter’s insurance is a must; this will protect you in any unexpected emergencies and disasters.

11) Stay on top of your payments- whenever you pay something in advance, make sure you are receiving receipts to have proof of payment.

12) Look if the home has all the things you need (furniture, appliances etc..), it’s essential!

13) Don’t break the lease unless necessary. Even if you have a great relationship with your landlord, breaking a lease can be problematic if something unexpected happens.

14) Make sure to have proper paperwork when renting- having the correct documents will help speed up the process and decrease the risk of problems arising during or after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

15) Don’t leave without handing in all keys: make sure that both yourself and your landlord go over what needs to happen at a move-out time; taking your key is considered stealing if it’s not properly handled through this process.

16) Talk about utilities before moving into a rental house: find out who pays for water, gas, electricity and other similar bills before signing on the dotted line.

17) Leave the house in good condition. When moving out, you (and your roommates) are responsible for any damage because you live there. When signing on, it may be a good idea to give your landlord a deposit that indicates what can be withheld if anything happens when you completely vacate.

Six Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Should Avoid

It’s not unusual for the rookie truckers to be pretty intimidated at the beginning of their career, given there’s a lot that can go wrong for them, both on and off the road. It’s only fair to say that this is a serious and quite a responsible job that needs a lot of commitments and preparations, so if you are a newbie in this field, please make sure to research a bit on this topic before you take a seat behind the wheel.

Here is the list of the six most common mistakes you are about to make if you are new to the truck driving business, so please read the lines below and prevent yourself from losing a lot of time, money and nerves.

Not knowing the road

This is the very first thing rookie truckers do wrong – they forget or don’t find it important enough to prepare for the road. Yes, you do have a navigation system at your disposal, but no, that’s not enough. It is highly recommended to go through a route you are about to take and to get familiar with all potential problems and details about it. Find out if there are some road work sections, construction zones, or intense traffic spots in order to avoid being trapped for some time.

Being overly confident

It turns out that licensed company truck drivers have a problem with authority pretty often and that they behave overly confident, which can be a problem. It’s great that you have the knowledge that will allow you to start this new job of yours, but let’s not forget how important experiences are in this line of business. Be smart and listen to your older colleagues, they can share a lot of wise and practical advice with you. Don’t be pushy, and don’t act like you know it all because you don’t.

Not being safe enough

Even though all the newly drivers went through safety practices, it turns out very few of them keep everything they learned in mind when on the road. The main thing when you are on a mission is to keep you, your vehicle and your load safe. And the only way to do that is by following all of the rules and protocols, even those you find to be unnecessary or a bit silly.
Not asking for help

You are new at this, and it’s completely normal to have some doubts or questions. So please, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Not all rookie truckers will do that, which is the reason they often end up in some sort of trouble and completely unnecessary. It’s not embarrassing to ask for clarification regarding the route, the loading protocol or any other thing related to your task.

Having unreal expectations

The truth is being a truck driver has a lot of benefits, first and foremost the financial ones. But on the other hand, there are some renunciations you will have to make. Truckers are often away from home for days, sometimes even weeks, and it can be a lot to handle if they have families who are waiting for them to return. Also, they are working long hours and often don’t have enough time to rest, eat well or socialize. So it is crucial to be prepared for all of that in order not to fall into crises the very first time you are on your mission.

Having a bad relationship with management

And finally, what often seems to be a problem is a miscommunication between the trucker and the management. If you want to be stress-free when doing your job, you should make sure you have a good relationship with dispatchers because they can make your life a living hell if you are not on the same side. They can be your first line of support when on the road, and they can provide you with clear instructions and help whenever you need it. Or not, it’s up to you.


We won’t lie to you, your job is super responsible and very demanding. But if you take what we talked about into consideration and adopt these suggestions, you will most definitely be able to handle everything that’s coming in the future. Just stay humble, make sure you have all the details always, prepare yourself for the route, and remember to ask for help if you are uncertain about something or in trouble.

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How to make the best bet on Euro 2020

If you are reading this, you are probably over the moon that the Euro 2020 championship has begun, and you would like to place some bets on the biggest favourite in order to make this time of the year even better with some great wins! Well, that’s why we are here, to provide you with some awesome football tips, to share what are the best odds for now, and show you how you can find pretty much everything you need to know about this subject on MerkurXtip online betting website.

It’s important to remember that football betting is mostly reserved for those who have an outstanding knowledge of this sport but also for those who have the courage to risk and not play safe all the time. Clearly, we do not indicate you should be reckless, but how you should be gambling smart and intuitive.

Here is some basic advice on how to bet on Euro 2020:

Do the research

It is crucial to approach football betting seriously, and that mostly means to be familiar with the statistics of both teams and players at Euro 2020. If the idea is to win, then you should know all about the team’s history, if there is a winning streak, about their previous matches with the other teams, etc. That way, you will dramatically increase your chances to end up with a smile on your face after the game ends.

Assess the odds

The odds will show you what the probabilities of your team are – are there predictions they are going to win or lose in the specific match. Now, the important thing to know is that not all sites present the same odds, so you should know who to trust and lean on when it comes to this matter. Be aware that if odds are 2/1, you should probably pass on that bet because the chances are high that your team is going to lose.

Take a risk

Okay, not everything is about safety in the world of gambling. Sometimes you simply need to believe, trust your gut and do the opposite of what the odds are telling you. But even when you do that, make sure you are responsible and don’t bet on too many matches at the same time. You don’t want to regret it afterward.

Be careful with money

The truth is the adrenaline of betting on football matches can completely overwhelm you, so it is essential to always keep at least one part of your brain cool in order to protect yourself from potentially losing too much money. So make sure you know how much you are spending on bets and try not engaging with unnecessary risks.


We hope you found this to be helpful. Our idea wasn’t to rip off the fun from gambling on your favourite teams at Euro 2020 but to provide you with advice on how to actually win something while you are doing it. Remember that when gambling, you should be always impartial and bet only on teams or players who seem like the most definite winners. Sometimes you are going to miss for sure, but if you play with your heart all the time, the chances you will end up in debt are pretty high.