How Do I Make My Own Route On Google Maps

How Do I Make My Own Route On Google Maps

Google maps are one of the best tools to use to plan your route effectively especially if you don’t know where you’re going. However, despite its greatness, you may still want to plan your route using through and still use its features. Google doesn’t prohibit customization of its map.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about facing difficulties as you try to change the suggested routes.

Step 1

google maps

Click the plus icon then “create a new map”. This will open more features that you have to select “map builder” from. You’ll also find other tools that will aid you in building the map. this page will show you more about the features to expect.

Step 2

Name your map and add a short description of it. Although this is not mandatory, it will come in handy when you want to share your map with other people or if you want to create more maps.

The name will make your map easier to find thereby roe venting any confusion.

Step 3

Key in your current location and the places you intend to go to. Enter the “start location” on the search box then enter to save it. A pop up appears asking you to add to the map. Click on the add button and repeat the process with all names until you’re done. New pins will be added to each location you enter on the map.

Step 4


Set a point on the route that Google will have put on the map for you. Drag the point to the new location you’ve just set. This will remove other suggestions leaving the ones you’ve just set.


By changing the route, you’ll also be changing the time frame taken to reach the destination. This will allow you to plan the trip properly to ensure that you stay in schedule. Make sure you keep an eye on the changing time frames as you progress on your journey. You can always change back to Google’s suggestions if you wish.

What's The Definition Of A Patio Home

What’s The Definition Of A Patio Home

The patio home has nothing to do with the porch. Instead, it is a house connected to other houses, often sharing walls between houses and providing external landscaping and maintenance through association fees.

Patio simplifies the house.

If you want a place where you can simply rest and improve the look of your house, then you should have a patio for your house. When it comes to choosing the right material for your patio, your options are almost limitless. However, one material is different, and this material is slate.


This is a flat sedentary rock with a naturally flat surface. Some examples of slate include shale, slate, and limestone. This material is popular with homeowners and landscape architects for its beauty. The use of slate will definitely bring an elegant sparkle to your patio, which is not available with other materials.

Patio improves the appearance of the house.

In addition to its appearance, slate has other advantages over other materials. Of course, if you only use concrete on the patio, you can save it.

However, concrete must not be compared with slate, especially in terms of appearance. Concrete looks unnatural and will only make your patio home look cheap. If you’re building something that can improve the look of your home, you might as well invest in quality materials.

Wood is the affordable materials to construct the patio.

You can also use wood on the patio, which is more affordable than slate. But wood is not a very durable material. In fact, it is easily destroyed by water and even termites. If you want to use wood on your patio, you may need to change it again in just a few years.


Instead, the slate will last for years. It is a very durable and tough material that is crack resistant and absolutely waterproof and termite resistant. Slate is also easy to install and maintain. You do not need to do any special handling of such materials.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Crime Scene Cleanup

A crime scene that is not cleaned properly can accumulate hazardous compounds. The affected individuals need the help of crime scene cleanup specialists to clean the scene. In most cases, you may use your homeowner insurance to cover the expenses fully.

The information is a guide on homeowner insurance covers and crime scene cleanup.


The Insurance Cover

21892616 - forensic investigator working at a crime scene

The ability of a homeowner insurance to cover the crime scene cleanup depends on the content of your contract. A liability protection is crucial if you need to insure your family and visitors against possible accidents. A comprehensive biohazard coverage shall cater for the expenses.

The Company Involved

Some biohazard companies do not accept payments made by the insurance covers. In this case, you may need to employ extra measure to cover the expenses.

Additionally, your insurance company might turn down your request in case you have defaulted payments in the recent past.

Nature of the Crime Scene

The homeowner insurance agrees to cover the crime scene clean up in case the crime falls under specific categories. The events covered by your homeowner insurance depends on the insurance covering your claim. Some companies, like the Alpharetta crime scene cleanup, cover most traumatic events, which include suicide, murder, unattended deaths, and accidents.

How to Find Out if you are Covered

Before laying claim, you need to confirm your eligibility. Contact your insurance adjuster to find where you stand. If you are not eligible for the cover, you should find a solution as soon as possible. If your insurance company lied in its advertisements, you should seek legal counsel.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene clean up companies might help you lay claim, but the results are not guaranteed. Insurance companies advertise that they cover crime scene cleanups. Accidents occur at the most unexpected time. You need to be extra vigilant while selecting an insurance company, ensure that you pay all premiums in time and use the right channels to apply for compensation.

Who Are The Best Speakers In The World

Who Are The Best Speakers In The World

You have an event or a conference coming up, and you need an expert keynote speaker? Choosing a keynote speaker is not something that you should take lightly. Selecting the best keynote speaker does help you to bring the audience together and into a common goal.

When looking out for the best, check out on someone who has a proven record of being able to engage broad audiences.

These are individuals capable of bringing any content to relate to the theme or purpose of the event. If you need reviews on popular electronics, visit our partner website Note that you can make the conference more attractive when you use electronic devices from turkel brands. If you’re looking out for the best speaker for your upcoming event, below is a list of among the best;

1. Matthew Luhn

A new generation of smart speakers greatly improves on the device's sound quality.

Luhn is a competent storyteller, consultant, instructor, and conference keynote speaker. He has been in this industry for over 20 years, speaking to large audiences in corporate conferences. His recent events have been at Dreamforce teaching on the importance of storytelling in the marketing industry.

2. Scott Harrison

Harrison is the CEO and Founder of “Charity: Water.” He is also an author of A Story of Redemption, which is the bestselling book for the New York Times.

That tells you what kind of a keynote speaker you’ll be hiring. With his heart of kindness, you cannot resist hiring his services.

3. Marc Randolph

If you love Netflix, you probably know Marc. He’s a successful entrepreneur and has been an investor for over 40 years. He has been across the globe, holding successful events. In 2019, he spoke to the audience at Ontraport’s Ontrapalooza. He’s an inspiring speaker who will leave your team motivated to do their best.

4. Robert O’Neil


O’Neil is a retired Navy Seal officer who went for over 400 combat missions in his career. If you want someone who will build insights for your audience, this is the best you can pick. He holds positive talks on decision making, leadership, and how to operate in different environments.

Final Verdict

The four are among the best that you can pick for keynote speeches. Their main goal is to drive the audience into the intended purpose of the event. Pick one among them if you wish to feel the value of your cash.