Welcome! We’re ready to invest in your success

Welcome! We’re ready to invest in your success

ahead of Profit.

All our hard money loan transactions are made ethically and morally. As a hard money lender, we understand the best way to serve our customers is to walk in their shoes. As real estate investors, we understand the goals and needs of our customers. We are proud members of the American Association of Private Lenders.

Carolina Capital Management is Verivest Verified Gold.

CHM is one of the best lenders in Charlotte & the surrounding area. Their professionalism & expertise are second to none. They know how to get DEALS done. Plus their podcast, “The Alternative Investor,” is a treasure trove of information you won’t get elsewhere. The team assisted me on my project & insured a successful closing. I recommend CHM for your funding needs.

Wendy Sweet has added more value to our business than any other mentor I have ever met! She truly has your best interest in mind, advises you where you are at and can save your business from heading in the wrong direction quickly. Her meeting was priceless and helped us out in a very tough situation! She advised us on multiple levels in a laser focused manner! Thank you Wendy Sweet!

I have been closing real estate loans for 40 plus years and I have to say, that Carolina Hard Money Lenders have been one of the best companies I have ever dealt with on a hard money loan. I work with wholesalers and investors every day and I have worked with many lenders. This group of professionals are exceptional!! …