12 Stereotypes About French Women — And Reality (Based On A French Lady)

12 Stereotypes About French Women — And Reality (Based On A French Lady)

5. French women constantly put on jewelry.

Stereotype: That posh and distinctive French preferences wouldn’t feel that ideal without any presence of a perfectly-placed garment, used per a tremendously technical means that best French lady possess.

Fact: there’s absolutely no Parisian way to put a scarf. What? I put on a scarf as I wanted a scarf. It may look like as a significant section of a French woman’s ensemble, it’s primarily merely practical to put on whenever it’s windy.

6. French people don’t shave.

Stereotype: French people have-been known for decades for not shaving.

Facts: whenever Beatles involved Paris for the first time in 1964, these were upset because our women didn’t have actually hairy armpits. We shave! Correct, I don’t do so in so far as I used to do, but that is best away from laziness and since we don’t like getting forced to adapt.

Another fun truth: French females started to shave most after World War II whenever American companies prolonged their own depilatory items offshore.

7. French women don’t use deodorant.

Label: French females don’t use deodorant and they are smelly. Therefore, the attraction know-how lay in the scent of our human hormones release, certainly. …