Getting your company ready to hire staff

You should have a set recruiting and onboarding process, whether your first hire or your thousandth. As you gain hiring experience and adjust your standard operating procedures, it will eventually become more streamlined. Follow these actions to prepare your company for the new hire after making any hires.

1. Research the topic.

Before even considering available positions within your organization, Rich Deosingh, a district president for the Robert Half office in Midtown, New York, advises conducting market research in the area.

According to Deosingh, who spoke to Business News Daily, “research who is recruiting, what the economic landscape is in your region, and evaluate other job advertisements.” It will give you a better understanding of factors like compensation and market competitiveness, such as who else is seeking individuals with these same skill sets.

Once you know that, you can adjust the rest of your hiring procedure to meet what others are doing or take a different approach and stand out so that job seekers will be more interested in your business than others.

2. Prepare your documents.

If you construct a template and fill it out for each new hire, your paperwork can occasionally be a one-and-done process. In other circumstances, the procedure can be fully automated.

These are some of the forms that may be included with new employee paperwork.

W-4: This aids in determining how much tax should be deducted from each paycheck.

I-9: This checks the new hire’s eligibility for employment.

For smoother and quicker payment, use the direct deposit form, which provides banking information for the employee.

Non-compete agreement: A non-compete agreement will often outline the period during which an employee is prohibited from working for, serving as a consultant for, or engaging in other activities on behalf of a firm that competes with yours.

The employee handbook outlines the purpose, vision, regulations, dress code, code of conduct, and other important information for employees.

Form of acknowledgment: The new employee certifies that they have read and comprehended all pertinent documents on this form.

Consent to drug testing: Some employers demand that new workers consent to drug testing ahead of time and accept random drug testing throughout their employment.