Helena x leading man (ladies villain x people hero) – Love & Legends, a 2017 high fantasy video game (advised by the good-cynical-dreamer-world)

Helena x leading man (ladies villain x people hero) – Love & Legends, a 2017 high fantasy video game (advised by the good-cynical-dreamer-world)

Raze x Brilliant (men villain x girls hero with an option of as a villain) – Demonheart, an effective 2017 black dream graphic unique (recommended by the javomelancholie)

Astraeus x leading man (men villain x female character turned villain) – Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and Astoria: Destroyed Kisses, 2015 & 2018 dream online game (ideal of the a good-cynical-dreamer-world) [note: Forgotten Kisses shelter occurrences taking place between the first as well as the next 12 months from Fate’s Kiss and it’s really very recommendable to read through him or her, after you play Astraeus’s station] [note: just before choosing the original seasons away from Astraeus’s station inside Fate’s Hug, you will want to read first two season out-of Hades’s channel contained in this game (you don’t have to comprehend Hades’s seasons during the Lost Kisses, end in inside the instance it’s simply a filler arc therefore creates particular canon discontinuity toward their route)]

Finest x Charybdis (lady villain x female antihero/hero) – (Medusa’s channel when you look at the) Astoria: Fate’s Hug [note: non-playable letters; they have been an enthusiastic endgame partners de facto with the the paths in which they look, but Medusa’s route is but one, on which you are able to see her or him a knowledgeable]

Special explore so you can Euryale x leading man (lady villain x ladies champion), Pallas x leading man, Helios x main character and you will Cyclops x leading man – they were regarded as possible this new routes for this show, but unfortunately ultimately they weren’t been!

Lavinia x girls main character (ladies villain x lady hero) – Actually Immediately after Academy, a 2020 fantasy game [note: a continuous channel]

maybe Vanessa x Liliane (female antagonist/villain x girls villain) – Antonio’s station inside the Havenfall Is actually for Lovers [note: Vanessa are an antagonist/villain to the Diego’s station and you may Liliane are a good villain to your Mackenzie’s route]

Gwen x Grace (ladies villain x lady character) – (Mackenzie’s channel from inside the) Havenfall is actually for Lovers [note: non-playable characters] [note: both of these try an enthusiastic endgame partners into every routes, however, Gwen begins as a villain just on Mackenzie’s channel]

Damien x Annabelle (men villain x ladies villain) – Mackenzie’s channel for the Havenfall is for Partners [note: non-playable letters; both of them was indeed considered as you are able to the new love welfare having an element of the character by themselves paths, but in the end little made an appearance on the]

Special explore so you can Annabelle x main character (women villain x women character), Liliane x leading man (ladies villain x women champion), Dracula x leading man, Jonas x leading Minneapolis MN sugar baby man, Victor x leading man and you can Damien x leading man – they certainly were regarded as you’ll the latest pathways for this collection, but unfortunately fundamentally it weren’t come!

Unique explore so you can Rafe x men leading man (male (ex-)villain x male hero) – it is regarded as a prospective the latest channel because of it series, but currently they stays unfamiliar, if it could be already been!

Special mention to Jinhai x main character – it had been thought to be a possible the brand new route for it series, but unfortunately finally it was not already been!

Unique explore so you’re able to Tristan x main character when you look at the Reigning Passions – it absolutely was thought to be a possible new route for this show, however it wasn’t been… about not yet!

Diego x main character (men ex boyfriend-villain x women champion) – Havenfall is for Lovers [note: they are also said since the two towards the Duke’s route when you look at the Villainous Nights]

Special discuss so you’re able to Vinca x leading man (women villain x females character), Nero/Kozholok x main character and you may Lazareth x main character – they certainly were thought to be possible the brand new pathways because of it series, but they weren’t been… at the very least not even!

Special speak about so you can Gamma x one of the most significant letters (non-digital villain x ladies hero), Corvus x one of the several characters, Tyberius x one of several characters, Evander x one of several characters and you will Beta x you to definitely of your main characters – these people were regarded as it is possible to the newest paths for it collection, nevertheless they were not come… at least not even!