Polyamory is an umbrella label which combines standard multipartner partnership terminology with additional progressed egalitarian terminology

Polyamory is an umbrella label which combines standard multipartner partnership terminology with additional progressed egalitarian terminology

Spouse letter 1 : small forever partner(s). Gender-free, heterosexual presumption no-cost name for anyone with who a person is romantically involved in 2: SPOUSE or SPICE 3: ASSOCIATE(S), COLLEAGUE(S) 4: several persons who grooving together 5 : person who plays on the same employees with another 6: one of two or higher people contractually connected as mutual principals in a venture–partnership n

Plural elizabeth frequently used on Mormon-style polygyny, all spouses may living with each other or each may have her very own homes

Poly letter or adj 1 : many or a few 2 : shortest for Polyamorous 3: The relationship direction of individuals who love and would like to end up being intimate using more than anyone at the same time 4: a relationship which non-monogamous partnership 5: A person that was either in or at least thinking about a multipartnered relationship and parents

PolyChildhood n 1 : the state of are a child in a multiple partnered partnership 2 : from infancy to adolescence 3 : an earlier phase or development within a several partnered partnership

Polyactivist n : someone contemplating taking action designed to neutralize the political, social sugar daddies and religious administration of monogamy; Polyactivists let advertise higher understanding of Polyamory as a legitimate partnership selection; polyactivism letter Polyamorous letter 1 : training polyamory 2 : of or characterized by polyamory

Polyamory letter : will be the nonpossessive, truthful, liable and moral approach and practice of passionate numerous individuals at the same time. Polyamory emphasizes knowingly choosing the number of associates an individual wishes to be concerned with in the place of taking personal norms which determine adoring just one individual each time. Polyamory try from the root keywords Poly definition many and Amour which means admiration ergo “many really likes” or Polyamory Polyandrous letter 1 : practicing polyandry 2 : of, participating in or characterized by polyandry Polyandry letter 1 : the state or rehearse of experiencing two or more husbands likewise 2 : the mating of 1 feminine pet with additional any particular one men; polyandric adj; polyandrist n

PolyChild n -ren pl 1 : a woman or child from inside the cycle before adolescence from a polyamrous orous union

Polycule n : an enchanting circle, or a specific subset of connections within an intimate circle, whose members is closely linked. In addition regularly describe a sketch or visualization of an enchanting circle, since these illustrations usually resemble the depiction of particles found in natural chemistry

Polyamory welcomes sexual equivalence as well as intimate orientations towards an extended circle of spousal intimacy and adore

PolyFamily letter 1 : every folks residing in or discussing life experences in identical house or house 2 : a personal device including numerous grown designs 3 : whenever polychildren can be found the word include other individuals adults, besides blood or birth moms and dads, who happen to be responsibly involved with the polychild or polychildren, most mature capture a working role in polychild rearing 4 : a small grouping of anyone related by common commune, tribe, clan, lineage, origins, relation, devotion or marriage 5 : a sharing of living expenses and land

PolyFriend letter 1 : one who people knows well and is fond of polyamorous individuals 2 : close associate or close associate of individuals of an polyamorous direction

Polyfriendly n 1 : a friend men and women of a polyamorous positioning 2 : amicable 3 : boosting, helping or favorable 4 : revealing friendly thoughts polyamorous men and women or unions 5 : ready to be a friends to polyamorous group or unions

Polyfi Fundamentalist letter : Closely regarding the only real means Polyamorist [See One real means Polyamorist], varying only in the simple fact that they feel polyfidelity is key to the many other Poly-style interactions. Will politely let you know just how immoral you’re if you are not Polyfidelitous. Though, some will vehemently contact you a swinger or wannabe if you disagree with them.