Prophecy of Fr. Michel Rodrigue concerning the two popes

Prophecy of Fr. Michel Rodrigue concerning the two popes

Among the many prophetic emails that goodness gave father Michel Rodrigue could be the information He offered him on , in which the guy covers what will occur to the chapel and clearly to pope Francis and also to pope emeritus Benedict. Dad Michel says:

An ecumenical bulk will likely be launched in the Church created by various spiritual chiefs initial, after that by a committee of bishops so that as best action, this type of size will likely be suggested to the Holy Father, pope Francis in Rome.

a data of pope Francis aˆ?Magnum Principium’, arrived to effect on , which granted expert to national seminars and bishops to feature new terminology, prayers or improvements during the ritual of Holy size such as the consecration because of their countries. Numerous region are caught up in sins and problems of marriages since there being a lot of divorces and separations, and they’ve got eliminated astray (says pops Michel) from the road associated with Lord and there have already been a lot of deviations concerning this topic. Each bishop interprets in the own way the chapel philosophy which is hazardous. If pope Francis cannot sign her proposals, which would indicate rejecting precisely what the Holy pops currently offered all of them as power to accomplish, then that could create a schism and this is something which in the near future we will see when you look at the Church.

Roma is only going to sign the document because they will think that all power might fond of the bishops to help make changes in their region. It doesn’t mean that pope finalized the ultimate document, but he can become around wanting to own it changed, and then we can only detect once we tune in during bulk, that statement on consecration won’t be the sameaˆ? aˆ“ states parent Michel.

There’ve been since sometime ago, men infiltrated when you look at the Church, whoever main goal is to alter the sounds doctrine

People don’t need certainly to attend those incorrect people, since it was preferable to consume a soft drink cookie rather than attend those untrue masses where the breads will not be consecrated. This is actually the very first sign of the situation definitely planning to arrive. The chapel will go through the exact same methods of Jesus, passion dying and resurrection.

The antichrist is inside the hierarchy regarding the chapel right now (dad Michel claims extremely plainly that the antichrist is not pope Francis).aˆ?

Daddy Michel says that aˆ?The antichrist constantly wished to lay on the seat of Peter; pope Francis are like Peter the Apostle, he can understand their blunders, he can you will need to push the Church along again underneath the authority of Christ but he’ll don’t be able to take action. Pope Francis will perish as a martyr. Then pope emeritus Benedict 16 will be, whom still wears his papal ring. He can just be sure to summon a counsel to truly save the Church. We watched your weakened and vulnerable, conducted on both sides by two Swiss guards. I watched your out of the blue fleeing Rome as a result of the overall destruction. He’s covering but he can be found later and I also watched their martyrdom.aˆ?

In the event that synods in countries have the power to perform a to change the rite for the bulk, be reassured that they are going to deliver a negative provide on the Holy pops

aˆ?Pope Francis does a lot of things with great intent but the guy provides confidence, hinges on and gives liberties to bishops that are risky. The guy realizes so it brings rectification but it shall be too late. Jesus sends his prophets to speak to their men what is going to occur, His design their functions, but only with prayer and fasting, you can easily alter section of this prophecy, just like the facts of Nineveh in which God sent Jonah to alert individuals he would destroy they; but through their own prayer God have compassion and forgave Nineveh.

The Holy Mass as substance will not vanish nor the chapel considering that the power of hell won’t prevail against it. We will constantly get a hold of devoted priests and loyal bishops who can shield the true Doctrine.aˆ?

This is the reason the work God provides entrusted to grandfather Michel is essential, that of creating great and loyal priests the end times.