Rivenbark, installed since the 3rd chairman immediately following resignation from Craig Martindale, who had been lower than accusation off sexual misconduct

Rivenbark, installed since the 3rd chairman immediately following resignation from Craig Martindale, who had been lower than accusation off sexual misconduct

Unity College or university away from Christianity, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Lee’s Convention, MO: Modern age. Jesus is the invisible, intangible some thing called Lives. The daddy is actually Idea, God are one particular complete sign of usually the one Brain, in addition to Holy Heart is the interest of one’s Jesus-Mind about understanding of guy. Denies reality from worst, aches, disorder and passing. Character available.

Universal Christian Direction, Glencoe, IL: Jesus was Strength, spends Head Strength to have data recovery; every humans try Jesus. Publishes New Christian Liberation newsletter.

Particularly, universalism describes a motion matchmaking on the late 18th 100 years you to to begin with affirmed universalism with the basis you to definitely Jesus’ redemptive demise covered the fresh sins of all individuals

Universal Lifetime Chapel, Kirby Hensley, Medesto, CA: Everyone feel the straight to would what they getting are right; subjective realities.

Common Forehead regarding Divine Light, Wear Slocum, Rod Rouge, LA: New age, soul agencies, reincarnation, pantheism, Satan and you may Evil is actually illusions.

Universalism: Generically, the fact that everybody will ultimately receive salvation and you may endless lives. A number of teams keep so you can universalism out of individuals views and also for diverse (and frequently opposite) causes. That it dong both Protestants and you can Roman Catholics), and in the brand new Ages way and also in most non-monotheistic world religions. Since universalism arranged they found affirm that individuals is actually appropriate since they are which no atonement or redemption regarding sin will become necessary otherwise considering.

College or university of your own Christ White, Charlotte, NC: New age; interior claims regarding consciousness; boy is the substance away from Goodness (cf. pantheism); Goodness was a keen Essene (we.age., a member of a first-century Jewish sect you to definitely This new Agers theorize is actually much more Modern than Jewish); Common Mother.

URANTIA Book, The: Printed in 1955, that it dos,097 webpage guide reflects a 19th 100 years psychically inspired gospel. Presumably, World’s genuine name’s Urantia, and is also an element of the world of Nebadon (by itself part of the large market of Orvonton) influenced by a committee. The new Nebadon payment out-of several, pretending according to the guidelines off Mantutia Melchizedek, purportedly lead servings of one’s guide so you’re able to earth. Multiple groups view the publication once the scripture. Character available.

URANTIA Brotherhood, Chicago, IL: URANTIA-built classification established in 1955 and you will reorganized for the 1989 after an excellent corporate shakeup. Come across 5th Epochal Fellowship.

Virgin Beginning: The fact when Goodness was formulated and created out of Mary she was a beneficial virgin, and this Jesus are developed of your Holy Soul. (Matthew 1:18–25).

Visualization: New age habit of using a person’s imagination allegedly to affect or impact fact. Meditating to your, acceptance out-of, otherwise “naming” from an object otherwise goal, and that supposedly produces the mandatory feeling thanks to “notice over matter.” See Maya.

The new Western Christian Press is their posting arm

Sound of your own Olive tree, Inc., Bernard Harland, Monrovia, CA: Latter day prophet, Jesus’ 2nd coming try forecast to own 1986 (get a hold of incorrect prophecy).

Watchtower Bible and you will Tract Area, Charles Taze Russell, Brooklyn, NY: Satan ‘s the founder of one’s thought of the new Trinity. The daddy ‘s the best Jesus whoever real name’s Jehovah. Jesus is actually an authored getting understood originally as the Michael the fresh Archangel; he’s “a goodness,” perhaps not Jehovah. Goodness merely flower spiritually, not actual, throughout the inactive. The new Holy Heart is the unpassioned effective push off Jesus. Precisely the anointed category (or absolutely nothing group) numbering 144,100 will go so you’re able to heaven, if you are loyal “most other sheep” will live eternally into the an utopia world; brand new lost will cease to exist (annihilationism). Posts this new Watchtower and you may Conscious! magazines, new Community Translation of Holy Scriptures (their own brand of the Bible), as well as several courses. To start with entitled Globally Bible Students, https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/ventura/ supporters today are called Jehovah’s Witnesses. Profile offered.

Ways Globally, Brand new, Victor Paul Wierwille The Knoxville, OH: Goodness is not Jesus otherwise co-equivalent which have Goodness the daddy, a good Unitarian doctrine off Goodness; latter-big date verbal label from God so you’re able to reestablish the actual chapel. The group suits inside small teams entitled Twigs, usually inside the members’ land. Fundamental employment way ‘s the Technique for Wealth and you can Fuel, and this replaced the existing Power having Abundant Way of life (PFAL) . The yearly concert/convention, the newest Rock off Decades, might have been abandoned. Latest chief is Rosalie F. The way in which has experienced numerous breaks in recent times. Reputation available.