Who Are The Best Speakers In The World

Who Are The Best Speakers In The World

You have an event or a conference coming up, and you need an expert keynote speaker? Choosing a keynote speaker is not something that you should take lightly. Selecting the best keynote speaker does help you to bring the audience together and into a common goal.

When looking out for the best, check out on someone who has a proven record of being able to engage broad audiences.

These are individuals capable of bringing any content to relate to the theme or purpose of the event. If you need reviews on popular electronics, visit our partner website https://newrealreview.com/electronics-product-review/. Note that you can make the conference more attractive when you use electronic devices from turkel brands. If you’re looking out for the best speaker for your upcoming event, below is a list of among the best;

1. Matthew Luhn

A new generation of smart speakers greatly improves on the device's sound quality.

Luhn is a competent storyteller, consultant, instructor, and conference keynote speaker. He has been in this industry for over 20 years, speaking to large audiences in corporate conferences. His recent events have been at Dreamforce teaching on the importance of storytelling in the marketing industry.

2. Scott Harrison

Harrison is the CEO and Founder of “Charity: Water.” He is also an author of A Story of Redemption, which is the bestselling book for the New York Times.

That tells you what kind of a keynote speaker you’ll be hiring. With his heart of kindness, you cannot resist hiring his services.

3. Marc Randolph

If you love Netflix, you probably know Marc. He’s a successful entrepreneur and has been an investor for over 40 years. He has been across the globe, holding successful events. In 2019, he spoke to the audience at Ontraport’s Ontrapalooza. He’s an inspiring speaker who will leave your team motivated to do their best.

4. Robert O’Neil


O’Neil is a retired Navy Seal officer who went for over 400 combat missions in his career. If you want someone who will build insights for your audience, this is the best you can pick. He holds positive talks on decision making, leadership, and how to operate in different environments.

Final Verdict

The four are among the best that you can pick for keynote speeches. Their main goal is to drive the audience into the intended purpose of the event. Pick one among them if you wish to feel the value of your cash.