We have not been capable of getting things regarding code you to appears if you are colliding having various other SuperCharacterController

We have not been capable of getting things regarding code you to appears if you are colliding having various other SuperCharacterController

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When i come across some other player that also has a beneficial SuperCharacterController parts, it does possibly push others pro off the beaten track rather than closing me. What is causing one to?

Even in the event, i am having certain issues: I’m creating a prototype regarding a keen Frames per second game was in fact members can alter the law of gravity. For the slower computers, pretty much every go out a new player alter gravity, they experiences the ground. I tried modifying so you’re able to fixed delta time and tweaking specific parameters while the MaxPushBackIterations, Threshold, an such like. without having any luck. Could there be one workaround to this matter?

Thank you

Hello Zak, does it only exist when you just be sure to change to a good extremely high gravity? We tested playing with regarding the

We made use of the SCC getting an effective multiplayer online game (the main one on the heading, you can observe a vid on the side bar) one to does machine-reconciliation; generally it reruns enters to suit the new server’s reputation the physical stature

one hundred (with a predetermined timestep) and additionally they don’t look at the flooring. Also, performs this simply happens if you try to improve the law of gravity in the runtime (for individuals who start on a very high the law of gravity, create they still clip?).

We have were able to fix-it by switching Modify so you can FixedUpdate from inside the SuperStateMachine. Seemingly even after SCC running inside FixedUpdate, it fails checking collisions whenever moving long distances when a decline inside the body type rate occurs. Can it make any feel?

the fresh new Repaired Timestep wouldn’t necessarily augment extremely fast swinging things, it Is to be the cause of physical stature falls, thus I’ll consider they.

Very first, many thanks for an effective reputation controller. My personal real question is just what Very own Collider is utilized for? Once i make an effort to eliminate it doesn’t have impression.

Own Collider is employed to save a mention of the a good collider to your profile operator. If you prefer almost every other colliders to get hold of their operator, you may need you to definitely affixed (always a capsule to suit the design). Although not, it is important that the SCC will not collide with alone! Thus form an excellent collider to own Collider helps make the SCC forget about it.

Hi, You will find problems when SCC player get-out of the world, it puts error including “zero soil was receive, player stay away from level…” either while i moved on a collider and therefore pushed the player off vertically at-large rate adequate.

Hello erikroystanross, I have found the SCC rocks !. I’ve research it and you will know it a lot. We have a question, vow help me to address it. I found myself research the skill of SCC so you can replicate the newest collision that your offered condition and you will PlayMachine to make returns condition step by the action (inform scc yourself having fixed deltaTime) similar to this:

input updates(x,y,z) + county regarding PlayMachine(moveDirection, lookDirection, currentState,…) =>(run scc’s manuallyUpdate) => productivity updates(x,y,z) + new county regarding PlayMachine. Therefore to the offered enter in and you will condition from PlayMachine, I can establish precisely the yields playing with SCC. But I’ve discovered you to often it don’t functions precisely since immediately following We work with it several strategies, with the same enters, the fresh new outputs remained various other (more set up otherwise/and also in county regarding PlayMachine).

I found associated with inside the SuperCharacterController group, they collected or shop somethings, specific viewpoints have altered right here immediately after focus on actions and i don’t were her or him regarding input above. The brand new error took place in the event the fasten worthy of are altering very my suppose are lastGroundPosition, currentGround.changes, and/or specific professionals put to the RecursivePushback(0, MaxPushbackIterations) during the SingleUpdate() function;

Exactly how different are definitely the ranking our company is talking about? When you’re off from the instance 0.0001 or something, that’s most likely floating point mistake. That it called for certain quite higher quantities of reliability and you may did wonders, however, you will be correct that you’d have to connect in the SCC (and you will PlayerMachine)is the reason state all the figure if you planned to simulate out-of an enthusiastic random position (essentially a deep copy of your SCC’s analysis). I’d like to help but I’d you want more information right here on specific matter you’re experiencing!